The Chapman family moved to Nelson in 2004, leaving the UK for a healthier, outdoor lifestyle.

CHAPMANZ have been installing high efficiency hydronic heating systems in New Zealand since 2005.  They have built a good reputation and working relationships with suppliers who import top range products from Europe, such as Vaillant and Jaga.

CHAPMANZ aim is to supply and install high quality, reliable and efficient systems based on years of experience installing modern day products in new and retro fit in older properties.  The days of putting on another jumper have gone with the Moa!

Additionally CHAPMANZ can provide services for all your gas and plumbing needs.

CHAPMANZ are continually looking to the future for the new, innovative, and environmentally improved products.  This includes geothermal heat pumps (in ground heat source), fuel celland chilled underfloor cooling.

We understand that you may have questions about our services and the systems we provide.  We would love to chat further, so feel free to give us a call to arrange a free estimate or carry out a heating survey. 


Chris Chapman

Chris Chapman and family moved to Nelson in 2004 leaving the UK for a healthier, outdoor lifestyle.  Having run a successful plumbing and heating business as an Accredited CORGI gas installer and an Approved Registered Plumber installing central heating in the UK, Chris found it hard to believe that hydronic central heating, double glazing, and adequate insulation was not standard requirements in newer New Zealand homes at the time.  He did not realise that the 3-4 months of winter get very cold, especially with very poor heating, single glazing and insufficient insulation in the older houses.

Although it was not Chris’s intention to get involved in the central heating business, he found old habits die hard and his enthusiasm returned.  

Chris is a certifying gas installer (Reg No 21080) and a registered ETA wood pellet boiler installer.


Fraser Dayman

Fraser joined his family when they moved out to Nelson in 2004. Here he completed his apprenticeships and received his Plumbing and Gas Fitting certifications. 

In 2013 he ventured back to the UK, where he pursued his dream of launching his own business.  He ran his successful Plumbing and Central Heating business for 3 years.  But after meeting his lovely wife, they decided to return to New Zealand to join back in the family business, and expand their family with some children of their own.

He brings 11+ years of both New Zealand and UK experience to all his projects, along with an immaculate attention to detail and design. He was awarded Apprentice of the Year, and is a Vaillant approved boiler installer.

Fraser is a certifying plumber - Reg no. 25164